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About Us

We are Cane Corso Paradise, a trustworthy elite breeder family of Cane Corsos, and we dedicate our lives to raising healthy, balanced, and well-mannered Cane Corsos for future owners. We love them from the moment they are born and we genuinely care for them like family members. This love doesn’t cease when a potential owner shows up: we want our fur babies to live in forever loving homes here in the USA and all around the globe with people who never stop caring for them.

Cane Corso Paradise is an elite Cane Corso breeder since 2009 with a family of more than 300 happy Cane Corsos in the USA and Canada. 

Premium Bloodline,


Every Cane Corso Paradise parent dog has passed a rigorous selection and examination process before we started our elite breeding program to build the healthiest and most unique Cane Corso gene pool for our Cane Corso Paradise puppies. All of our adult dogs and puppies get the highest quality food and supplements to ensure immaculate health, and they are checked by our vet on a weekly basis. Our purebred Cane Corsos come with a Cane Corso Paradise Health Guarantee that is valid against all genetic illnesses.

No kennels,


Strong musculature, great immune system, and good manners won’t develop in crowded spaces, called kennels. Instead, we treat all of our Cane Corsos as family members, let them roam freely in our vast green garden and rest with us in our house. Our Cane Corso puppies can play as much as they want and we raise them by teaching all the good manners among dogs and people, including children.

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